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CRITIQUE PLS by afghan-bleat-yeah

ERMAHGERD ish soo pretty
I luv it and ish so detaled and shtuff amazin wurk u should totally do moar!!!111111111111111111!!!
it brought tearz to my eyes so amazin and wunderfuulll absolutely bootiful!1!1one! 2 gr8 and I can't even deshkribe it anymoreee1! Liek so awesum and prettyful!11!
Niiicee onne
Keep it up, really. Dose arms are sooo epic and aweshum and stuff and gawd dat exspression is amazing leik dose teeth and eyes not derpy at ALL! I cannot even deschribe how gorgeous this is the colors are stunning and the linework ish 2 kewl and purdy yu should totally keep it up!!!1
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1 out of 1 deviants thought this was fair.


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